PROBLEM: Most timber mats aren't reliable. Mat quality is decreasing, they don't last, and they aren't as safe as they used to be.

PRODUCT: We sell A Better Timber Mat. Same Design. Better Materials. Plantation eucalyptus. Stronger. Standardized. Safer. Sustainable.

 Use our eucalyptus timber mat. You'll own a reliable, stronger, standardized, and safer mat able to take the beating... and enjoy a lower total cost of ownership. 

Our Eucalyptus mats have 32% greater crushing strength, 40% greater bending strength, 32% greater shear strength, and are 20% lighter than Southern Red Oak.

Our Eucalyptus mats come from a single, genetically improved Eucalyptus species versus many different mixed hardwood species with varying allowable stresses.

Our Eucalyptus mats are stronger and have less variability – more standardized – they become safer for the end user.

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